Our warehouses as well as head quarter lays in the heart of west Turkey with a very good connection to eastern Europe via Highway. Our Warehouses are very  close to three Gemlik Ports , Gem-port, Roda-port and Borusan-Port  for overseas deliveries.

12.020m2 Open-air and 12.180m2 roofed stock area is used for daily wholesale supply chain.

To assure the just in-time delivery we work with permanent stocks for 3 product categories: sandwich panels, construction and isolation materials, OSB-Polycarbonate-Boards-Plates. Our Product Stocks allows us to purchase and sale with more stable price which is not directly effected from Pandemic related material shortages and bottle necks.

We use FIFO principle for product flow in the warehouses where purchased or acquired first are dispatched of first. The remaining inventory consists of items purchased last.